The Language Slider

On this page you will find a tool to help you identify the kinds of instruction and learning take place in your context. Simply use the slider to categorise your environment on each of the eight aspects and a description will appear at the bottom. By hovering over the terms (e.g. 'location'), you can see their meaning. This tool was recently created and is a work in progress. If you spot any errors or omissions, please contact me and let me know!

The space where the learning takes place

Whether learners complete tasks at the same time or at different times

Whether instructional times are set or flexible

Whether the learning takes place in an educational or private setting

Whether everyone engages in the same activities or not

The extent to which learning is linked to educational qualifications or structured by educational institutions

The degree to which teaching is involved

How decisions are distributed between the learner and others

Below you will see some examples of common learning spaces. The first one is 'formal/traditional classroom instruction.


The next example is 'flipped learning'.


The next one is 'hybrid' learning, or the situation where some learners are in class face-to-face and others are online


The next one is self-access learning.


And the final one is autonomous learning.