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The development of new curricula, new materials, and – one of the most exciting areas for me – online and mobile language learning environments, is what makes me look forward to my day. Back in 2000 Rod Ellis at the University of Auckland in New Zealand invited me for my first major development: the establishment of a world-leading, state-of-the-art, and research-led self-access centre, with an electronic learning environment. Especially the software development was challenging but resulted in the first program of its kind to focus on both language development and the development of language learning skills. You can find a bit more information on the CALL pages.

From those early days I have worked on the development and implementation of online, blended, and now mobile learning systems in different institutions around the world. I am currently particularly interested in the potential of mobile learning and learning analytics to support situated, out-of-class learning and support and have recently completed projects in the areas of augmented reality, educational data mining, MOOC and SPOC development, and other forms of informal learning. Two really exciting projects investigate the development of haptic feedback ‘bracelets’ that draw learners; attention to grammar in otherwise meaning-oriented settings, and the use of the Microsoft Kinect as a game-based environment for involving the whole body in the language learning process. You can read more about these projects on the free articles page.

Although I have limited time, at certain occasions during the year, and with permission from my institution, I may be able to help with or consult on:

  • learning analytics for supporting language learning and teaching
  • establishing online language support through MOOCs
  • implementing blended learning
  • Developing mobile learning tools and infrastructures
  • establishing a self-access centre or self-access learning opportunities
  • establishing a language advising or language counselling service
  • developing CALL language learning materials
  • implementing languages across the curriculum
  • language policy development
  • implementing changes/innovation
  • staff development in these areas
“The best way to predict the future is to build it.” – Douglas Adams