Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching

Editors: Terry Lamb and Hayo Reinders

Brief description:

‘Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching’ is an international refereed journal devoted to innovation in methodologies and pedagogies for language teaching and research. It publishes research articles, applied ‘innovative practice’ articles and book/materials reviews relating to different approaches to, methods for, and modes of language learning and teaching.

Aims and scope:

* To publish research into the theoretical and methodological bases of the field of language learning;
* To explore pedagogies and methodologies with a learner-centred focus;
* To encourage dissemination and cross-fertilisation of policies and practice relating to innovation in pedagogies for language learning in different learning contexts.

Currently there is no other journal which offers an interdisciplinary platform for those interested in innovative pedagogies and methodologies with a focus on learner-centred approaches to language learning. This includes areas such as:Collaborative learning, Constructivist approaches to language learning, Distance learning, E-learning, Flexible learning, Language Awareness, Learner Autonomy, Motivation and language learning, Self-access language learning, as well as a number of related areas, such as: language learning curriculum, learner advising/counselling, learner biographies, learner training, learning strategies, learning styles, metacognition, policy and its role in pedagogical and methodological change , resources for language learning, self- and peer assessment, self-management, tandem learning, teacher autonomy, technology and language learning.

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching is noted in: Contents Pages in Education, Current Abstracts, EBSCOhost, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, MLA International Bibliography (Modern Language Association).

Sample table of contents:

Review editor Desiree Castillo, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico

Editorial board

Phil Benson Hong Kong Institute of Education

Carol Chapelle Iowa State University, United States

Jim Coleman The Open University, United Kingdom

Pornapit Darasawang King Mongkut University of Technology, Thailand

Leslie Dickinson Formerly of Moray House Institute of Education, Edinburgh
University , Scotland

Zoltán Dörnyei University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Rod Ellis University of Auckland, New Zealand

David Gardner University of Hong Kong

David Singleton Trinity College, Ireland

Manuel Jiménez Raya Universidad de Granada, Spain

Mike Levy Griffith University, Australia

Leo Van Lier Monterey Institute of International Studies, United States

David Little Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Joe Lo Bianco University of Melbourne, Australia

Christine Nicolaides Faculdade Centro Cultural Anglo Americano, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

David Nunan University of Hong Kong

David Palfreyman Zayed University, United Arab Emirates

Jack Richards Regional English Language Centre, Singapore

Willy Renandya Regional English Language Centre, Singapore

Barbara Sinclair University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Turid Trebbi University of Bergen, Norway

Amy Tsui University of Hong Kong

Flávia Vieira Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Anita Wenden Professor Emeritus, City University of New York, United States

Cynthia White Massey University, New Zealand

Review board

Kathleen Bailey Monterey Institute of International Studies, United States

Sara Cotterall Akita University, Japan

David Crabbe Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand

Edith Esch University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Hilde Hacquebord University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Henri Holec Professor Emeritus, CRAPEL, Université Nancy 2, France

Shawn Loewen Michigan State University, USA

Ernesto Macaro University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Thang Siew Ming National University Malaysia, Malaysia

Richard Smith University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Ema Ushioda University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Sergio Valdivia Universidad Veracruzana , Mexico