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Practical Tips

If you have been thinking about mobile language learning you may be interested in reading this article with ‘20 ideas for using mobile phones in the language classroom‘.

You may also be interested in the use of computer games for the teaching of various language skills. I regularly do workshops on this topic and have a short and practical article for language teachers in a recent issue of English Teaching Professional (63) which you can read here.
Reinders, H. 2009 ‘Using Computer Games to Teach Writing.’ English Teaching Professional, 63 (56-58).
My upcoming book ‘Computer in Language Learning and Teaching’, to be published by Multilingual Matters later this year, will include a collection of articles discussing different aspects and ways of using computer games in language education.


A related book chapter has appeared here:
Reinders, H. and Lewis, M. 2009 ‘Podquests. Language games on the go.’ In: Andreade, M. (Ed.), Language Games. Alexandria: TESOL. (Series: Classroom Practice).


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