International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments (IJVPLE)

This new journal, edited by Michael Thomas from Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, is an exciting new publication in the area of new learning technologies. It will be published by IGI publishing. More information can be found here.

The International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments provides readers with comprehensive coverage of developments in learning technologies for an international readership of educators, technologists and trainers. The journal is a primary source for academics, professionals, corporate trainers and policy makers in information and communication technologies. The journal publishes high quality contributions (papers, book reviews) on a range of fields associated with Course Management Systems (CMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), Social Networking Sites (SNS), Personalized Learning Environments (PLE), and 3D virtual worlds, including for example Second Life (SL).

Articles published in the journal cover education and training, concentrating on the theory, application, and development of learning technologies. There is a particular interest in the application of new and emerging information and communication technologies in education and training.

Official publication of the Information Resources Management Association

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Thomas Ph.D.
Published: Quarterly (both in Print and Electronic form)


Dr Axel Bruns (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Dr Edward Castronova (Indiana University, USA)
Professor Thomas M. Connolly (University of the West of Scotland, UK)
Gavin Dudeney (The Consultants-e, Spain)
Professor Steve Higgins (University of Durham, UK)
Professor Dr Rob Koper (Open University of the Netherlands, The
Professor Agnes Kukulska-Hulme (Open University, UK)
Professor Robin Mason (Open University, UK)
Dr Hayo Reinders (RELC, Southeast Asian Ministers of Education,
Roo Reynolds (Portfolio Executive for Social Media, BBC Vision, UK)
Dr Niall Sclater (Open University, UK)
George Siemens (University of Manitoba, Canada)
Professor Dr Jeroen van Merriënboer (Open University of the
Netherlands, The
Professor Mark Warschauer (University of California, Irvine, USA)


Topics to be discussed in this journal include (but are not limited
to) the following:

• Computer Mediated Communication
• Computer Mediated Conferencing
• Blended Learning
• e-Assessment
• Virtual Learning Environments
• 3D Online Worlds
• Gaming and Learning
• e-learning
• e-portfolios
• Web-based learning (WBL)
• Lifelong learning
• Intelligent content
• Adaptive and intuitive environments
• Responsive environments
• Mobile learning environments and applications
• Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL)
• Platforms and authoring tools
• Educational MashUps
• Networks/Grids for learning
• Knowledge management and learning
• Collaborative learning
• Applications of the Semantic Web
• Remote and virtual laboratories
• Multimedia applications and virtual reality
• Emerging technologies

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